Data Structure Course Content:

Basic Concept in Data Structures.
Big O Notation
Typical Runtime Functions
Array implementation
Top Asked 15+ Array Questions
Assignment on Array Question
Basics of Stack
Best Stack Question
Assignment on Stack Question.
Basics of Queue
Best of Queue Questions
Understand Hashmap
Internal Implementation of Hashmap
Best Questions on Hashmap
Linked list
Singly, Doubly, Linked list.
XORed Linked List
Best Linked List Question
Assignment on Linked List
Trees (Binary, BST, Trie)
Binary Tree, Binary Search Tree
Understad Recursion
Tries Data Structure, Heap
Best Questions on Binary and Binary Search Tree(BST) and Tree.
Assignment on Tree
2D Matix
Basics of Matrix
BackTracking in 2D Matrix
Best Questions on 2D Matrix
Dynamic Programming
Understanding DP, Top Down, Bottom up method
Traditional problems of Dynamic Programming
2D Matrix and DP Questions
Best Questions on Dynamic Programming
Graph and its representations
Minimum Spanning Tree
Prim’s and Krushkal’s Algorithm
Dijsktra’s Shortest Path Algorithm
Topological Sort
Bridges in a Graph
Searching and Sorting.
Binary Search,
Insertion Sort, Merge Sort,
Quick Sort, 
Top Questions on Array Search Sort
Divide and Conquer:
Median of two sorted arrays
Closest Pair of Points
Greedy Algorithms:
Fractional Knap-Sack Problem
Job Sequencing
Best Questions on Greedy Algorithm
Assignment on Greedy Algorithm Questions
Backtracking Algorithms
The N Queens Problem
Rat in a Maze
Island in Matrix
Assignment on BackTracking Algorithm Questions

System Design

Understanding various System design concepts
Fundamentals of High Level Design
Fundamentals of Low Level Design
Top Asked System Design Questions